Steel Bridge Songfest is FREE...if you volunteer!

It takes over 300 volunteers to put this phenomenal event together. They have our deepest gratitude and thanks! Our volunteers are the best any organization could hope to have!



  We would love to meet you and help you find your perfect role. Right now, we are especially interested in people with experience in the following:

• Office management/organization, data collection, merchandise inventory, and general housekeeping skills

• Marketing and Communications - How to best promote Steel Bridge and raise community awareness for its mission, developing creative marketing ideas, graphic and web design, and public communication

• Housing Hoteliers, concierges, and others in the hospitality industry who are interested in arranging lodging for next year's musicians and volunteers

• Green Technologies Reducing our environmental footprint by improving our practices from the ground up: Waste disposal and management, power generation, off-grid solutions, alternative transportation, and other fresh ideas.


We had over 200 musicians and volunteer technicians come to Sturgeon Bay for Steel Bridge 2010. Many great local businesses stepped up to the plate and provided rooms below cost or as a donation - help us take some of the pressure off by volunteering your space. We gratefully consider offers of rooms, trailers, camp sites, and other accommodations. (due to the nature of the festival, we do ask that if you are donating a room - you must be located in Sturgeon Bay)

Sign Up Today!
E-mail us at steelbridgesongfest@gmail.com

Note to Musicians:
If you would like to play Steel Bridge Songfest, please sign up on this website (if you haven't already) and send an email with the subject heading "OFFER TO PLAY" to steelbridgebooking@yahoo.com. PLEASE DON'T SEND MUSIC OR PHOTO ATTACHMENTS!! Just include links to your MySpace page and/or EPK so we can visit it online.

Thanks for wanting to help!

A recent letter from a volunteer...
Deborah Lee
Sent : Monday, April 9, 2007 3:28 PM
[Dear Citizens For Our Bridge],
We would like to volunteer to help with the cleanup on Sunday, if
you need help with this. My dad and I ran into you last year at the coffee
shop on sunday morning and wanted to offer to help out, but we had to get
home to take care of our dogs. You've done so much for the community with
these concerts that we'd like to give a little something back.

Again, thank you so much for all your hard work. The reason we came to the
first songfest was because of my love of Jackson Browne and his music, but
we'd come back even if he wasn't going to be there - that's what an
amazing event it is.

Thanks so much,
Deborah Lee


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